The Dreamer Infused  pillar Candle - Large

The Dreamer Infused pillar Candle - Large

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 Created with  natural essential oils & organic herbs & roses. These are perfect for those want to feel the essence of essential oils & their benefits.

These candle pillars are made with 100% natural coconut blended wax.  

Did you know, at blissme home they are mading a conscious effort to educate you, the consumers about what they use in their products & how using harmful chemicals & synthetic fragrances in your home is dangerous. The dreamer collection of pillar candles are made with their own blended essential oils. They have spent months, working on blends. Perfecting them to actually interact with your limbic system. The part of brain that effects your emotions, The limbic system also plays a role in controlling some unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. This is why they chose to use essential oils. To help in a holistic lifestyle. Clean & toxin free.   


It is recommended to only burn these pillars one hour at a time. This is create even flow of wax, no tunneling and stop the wax from breaking down. 


Large candle pillar dimensions 


10.2cm Wide x 9cm heigh