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Bath Soak - Bath Rehab

Bath Soak - Bath Rehab

Bath Rehab
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Have a soak on hand for when you need it most...
We created the Dr Therapy bath soak collection to help give you a little self indulgence when you need it most.

Each soak has unique, natural-healing ingredients that can assist with the different problems life throws at you.

Including Dr Love, Mindful, Refresh, Joyful, Calm & Mellow.


Dr Calm | Lavender ~The original rose petal bath soak. Helps reduce stress and get you ready for bed
 Lavender works as a natural anxiety reliever and as a natural sedative, increasing relaxation and calm

Dr Love | Rose ~Designed to leave you feeling adored. Perfect for sharing with your partner or for the ultimate self-indulgent night inHelps you to tune in to your body, grounding your emotions and boosting your mood

Dr Mindful | Lemon ~ Refreshing lemon slices revive tired skin, whilst chamomile flowers help reduce anxiety

Dr Refresh | Orange ~Helps you to relax and reset. Orange helps to restore energy and rejuvenates the mind and body

Dr Joyful | Rose & Vanilla ~Helps lift you from a bad mood and ease anxiety. Rose scent is calming and soothing, which can help you relax and unwind after a long day

Dr Mellow | Coconut Milk ~A fresh take on a milk bath. Coconut milk powder leaves your skin feeling silky and soft